Blog Money

I’m quoted in a story on making money with blogs that appeared in today’s City Paper:

“Blog for the love of it,” said Todd Anderson, who, since 1999, has written and published a variety of pop-culture oriented material. “Any creative venture worth its salt is done just for the love of the work, not the monetary payoff,” he said. “I love writing so much that I’m not going to wait around for someone to publish my work. I’m going to publish it whether it is a blog, a zine or a novel.”

But there is no reason money cannot be part of the equation. For example, Anderson’s offers in-depth coverage of indie rock in Nashville, and ads on the blog are sold for $10 per month.

“We offer niche coverage in a way that bigger entities can’t, and, ideally, we make a little money from those wishing to advertise to that niche,” Anderson said.