Head in the clouds and a mouthful of pie

My weekend was somewhere in between inert and… ert, I guess. I did get some work done on the computer and almost finished unpacking the office and get some decisions made about what to do next, but I didn’t really get out much.

Saturday night, I went down to see Harper and De Novo Dahl. Harper kicked a lot of ass and sounded really great. Much better than the last time I saw them. Mercy Lounge has a nice sound system and the mix was perfect. I heard than a couple of people in front of me didn’t think the sound was great. I chalk that up to architecture. You gotta stand at where the speakers are aimed.

I think I stayed inside for a song of The Whole Fantastic World’s but went out on the patio soon and missed the rest of their set. I returned inside for De Novo Dahl and watched the whole set despite planning to leave after a song or two. They barely rested between songs, just playing hit after hit. Most unlike TWFW. Outside on the patio, we’d notice long, long breaks of silence when we’d wonder if they had finished their set, only to hear them kick back in five minutes later or something.

DND charged through their set, returned quickly for a two-song encore and said goodnight. It was tight and professional and thoroughly enjoyable. I think their live show out-does their album. Formerly, I’d never have gone to see them on purpose but liked their recorded output.

Sunday, my girlfriend got home from the wedding she’d been to all weekend and we… what the hell did we do yesterday. Grocery shopping, some furniture looking… I guess that’s it. We were both incredibly tired so we decided to skip the Carter Administration show taking place. We made a pizza and watched Team America.

I had never seen TA (Amber had) and I enjoyed it. All except the puppet excrement. God, there are some hilarious lines in that movie.

I’m stuck for a book to read. Hollywood Interrupted really burned me out of the Hollywood books even though I’ve still got a couple on my shelf to read. I couldn’t decide on one to start reading.