I tried to surprise you with vodka or Tizer…

I’ve not been a fan a Everybody Loves Raymond for the simple reason that everyone in the show is miserable. They treat each other miserably; they treat themselves miserably and they seem to ruin any chance for happiness that anyone has. At least on screen. I’m always secretly drawn to the show because the cast appear the complete opposite off screen. They’re loving and polite. And quiet.

Anyway, tonight was the final episode so I tuned in… for most of it. And what do you know? They showed the family happy for one moment at the very end. How sweet.

I guess it was the season finale of CSI: Miami. I taped it but didn’t watch.

I’m still chewing through Hollywood Interrupted. It’s going to be a challenge to review. There’s so much meat. Even when it’s misleading meat, it’s meat. I’m enjoying it still but it’s a difficult balance between wanting to race through it and wanting to savor it.

I did no entertaining stuff this weekend. Just my own work and preparation for moving.

Another perfect album: Kyle Minogue’s Fever. Yep.

I gave Director’s Cut to my dad and he’s reading it. He’s going out of town this weekend so he’ll probably finish it then and give me a complete report on it.

For some reason, I am exhausted so I’m going to end this lame entry and go to freaking bed.