“My dad’s balls are old as hell…”

So Todd K and I ponged for the first time in a couple of weeks today. I brought some new balls. It has probably been more than a year since we had some new balls so the transition was pretty crazy. New balls spin and bounce like mothereffers. We had completely forgotten what it was like. I asked Todd how his dad could stand to play with the old ones we have and Todd responded with the quote in the title.

The games were pretty intense with some crazy rallies thanks to the spin we didn’t know we had. We each won a series and I won the Championship game. Conveniently, Todd’s sister wasn’t coming over til later so once again, she has avoided facing the true competition I bring.

After pong, we sat down and watched a bit of Star Wars Episode I — The Phantom Menace. Todd’s trying to watch several of the SW movies before going to see Episode III. I hadn’t seen Episode I since it came to theaters. What a piece of crap. It’s really hard to watch and not ridicule out loud. Seriously, if you haven’t seen it in a while, you have probably forgotten just how bad Jar Jar Binks is. Horribly bad. I sat through almost an hour of the movie. It has soured me on seeing anything that has to do with Star Wars. I got home and saw Darth Vader facing off with the Burger King and knew I couldn’t care about anything related to the movies anymore. (Not that I had been since I was, you know, seven.)

By the way, Sally Crewe and the Sudden Moves (who are currently advertising on Popshot’s sites) are really enjoyable. I downloaded all the songs available on the website and I’m listening to them right now. I get so much crap that it’s nice to hear clever, well-produced and structured pop songs. Apparently, Sally is a Brit who relocated to Austin, TX. Sweet.

Once again, I’m stumped as to what all the things were I wanted to mention in this entry. Surely something as interesting as Todd’s dad’s old balls… Oh well.