No matter which way you go…

The Instapundit himself gave Being Good a link yesterday. I thank him very much for it. Especially since I’d sort of harrassed him about the book.

My body clock is completely re-set. I’m waking up at 6.30 no matter what time I go to bed. This has led to 5 hours of sleep a couple of nights this week. Yesterday, I was just a zombie. I went to bed as early as I could and wouldn’t you know it, was awake at 6.30 this morning. Luckily, I was able to sleep a couple more hours.

The zombie feeling caused me to miss a party last night that I’d have liked to attend but I couldn’t argue with my body. Which sucks because it’s the third Friday in a row that I haven’t done anything. Two weeks of moving stuff and one week of recouping from the moving. And I feel yucky this morning. Excellent.

Is it like Celebrity Melt Down Week or something? Tom Cruise has been freaking everybody out. Lindsay Lohan looks like a skeleton and joked about it on SNL last week. Mary Kate Olsen looks like ET. It’s all very bizarre.

Todd K called me early this week to tell me about this horribly annoying day he’d had–everyone he had to deal with was more annoying that the last. Like the person at the library who was printing hundred of pages from the internet on the printer to take home for someone else to read while Todd waited on one piece of paper. Or the librarian who told him she couldn’t find a CD he was looking for when Todd could see the CD on the shelf behind her.

Adding to his annoyance was that he has been trying to sell some stuff on eBay. As far as I know, Todd’s only ever had one email address. He signed up for Hotmail years ago and never changed. So when he tried to sign up with eBay, they told him there was already an account with his email address. He remembered he’d signed up five years ago or more. So he went through the password request system and got to a screen that asked him for his zip code and phone number. Well, he hadn’t used the account since 99 or 2000 so obviously they wanted the info he gave when he signed up. The problem is he’s moved several times since then and had to change phone numbers. He couldn’t remember his old phone number.

I tried to help him trick eBay into giving him a new account by using a forwarding address that redirected to his Hotmail account but eBay wasn’t fooled. Todd wondered if the library had old phone books where he could look up his old number. All this for an online process that’s meant to take mere minutes. So he just had to be frustrated. The only solution seemed to be to sign up for a new email account and new eBay account. But he would never use the account; it would be a hassle; etc.

Then a couple of days later, Todd called. He said he’d been making an appointment for some new doctor he hadn’t seen before. The scheduler asked Todd if he’d ever been to Vanderbilt before to see if he was in the computer. Todd said, “Come to think of it; I did go to Vanderbilt a long time ago for something.” So the guy looks up his name. “Here you are,” he said and repeated Todd’s address from five years ago. “Oh my God,” Todd asked, “do you have a phone number listed?”

“Sure do,” and the guy rattled it off.