There are places where my challenger is lame..

Isn’t that always what happens? You start a new blog all anxious to get moving and once it’s up and running, you can’t think of anything to say?

Actually the problem is that I’ve spent so many days piling up all the things I wanted to write about that I can’t figure out where to start.

I’m still reading Hollywood Interrupted. It’s lost a bit of its initial kick-ass-itude since, in a couple of spots, the authors have dropped random pointless sleaze. It’s part of their equal opportunity offending, but I like it better when the sleaze goes somewhere. I guess I’ll have to elaborate on that thought later if I want to sound coherent myself.

There was a post on NashvilleZine recently where a commentor brought up the subject of perfect albums. I’ve been listening to The Adventures of Jet’s Muscle obsessively for several days. It is a perfect album. But I’m afraid I’d sound crazy if I really tried to persuade anyone of that. It’s just too weird. The nasally voice. All the songs about drag racing. I’ll keep it to myself.

Is it just me or have all the crime shows on TV pulled out their A material for the end of the season. There was a run of a couple of months where I didn’t care if I caught CSI or Law & Order. But the past couple of weeks, they’ve all been pretty awesome. Was Det. Green holding L&O back? Say it ain’t so.