We’re too young to get old like them…

Well, I finally did the wise thing and put down Director’s Cut. I’ll give it another go later, but I was obviously not going to whizz through it like I thought. I picked up Sedaris’s Dress Your Family again and zoomed through it this weekend. At times, it was unbelievably hilarious and very often it was sort of uncomfortable to read, but I don’t think Sedaris ever ever crossed over into the realm of the morose. I wonder if some of the autobiographical content has lost its edge now that he’s super successful. I.E. reading about his work being optioned for a film is not as interesting as reading about him cleaning apartments. But then, he’s never boastful, just honest.

Immediately upon finishing Dress Your Family, I picked up Hollywood Interrupted and I have the hardest time putting it down. It’s like the smartest slimiest tabloid you’ve ever read. All the sleaze comes so fast and so heavy that you just read faster. It’s like a rollercoaster of bizarre Hollywood behavior. I love it.

I’ve been away from this blog, because I’ve been working fairly hard on two new Popshot blogs. I may have more to update on those later.

Todd K and I have ponged several times since my last update and the battles are getting fierce. We’ve had some of our worst games ever but we’ve also had some staggering points. I need to keep a closer account of the matches.

This weekend is the BlogNashville conference/convention and I am at a loss for thought about it. I’ve tried a couple of times to follow up that sentence with an analysis about the event, but it’s confusing. I guess my most coherent thought is having a convention with the only rubric being “Blogs” is like having a cell phone convention. It’s stupid. That said, BlogNashville is actually more specific to political and news blogs. So it’s hard for me to get excited about it.