If you put two and two together…

My God is MySpace ever terrible. For a site as large and popular as it is, it certainly has an enormous share of problems. I don’t think I’ve ever experienced a session without an error and I barely use it.

I visited a new periodontist this afternoon. I get a little annoyed with cliches that are no longer apt but it is no exaggeration that the music in the dentist’s office is terrible. I don’t know what they should play so I’m not really complaining. But it’s like the radio knows what will annoy you the most. Like the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man — whatever you think of will appear to destroy you. You think “Just spare me the Jimmy Buffet” and before you know it you’re wasted away again in Margaritaville. I sat there clearing my head of Phil Collins and the Eagles. Anything but them.

I’ve got to have a little dental procedure in a couple of weeks and I really think I am going to bring earbuds and my own music. In a recent Playboy, Hunter Thompson recommended headphone music during dental procedures.

Not just music but dominant music, top volume.

Of course, he also had “a normal quotient of whiskey” in him and some weed. In fact,

I could barely get into the dentist’s chair. I was as high as four dogs… None of the things you’re normally conscious of–probes, sticking cotton in your mouth, the pain of the injections–mattered once I turned the music on. At top volume you can’t ignore it.

Something tells me my periodontist wouldn’t appreciate it if I tried a similar approach. But the headphones may be safe.