My my my…

Is this weird? Friday night, around 11.30, the lady and I are sitting on the couch. We’re both tired. Suddenly, we hear our screen door open and someone pounding on the door. I call out in my huskiest voice, “Who is it?” No answer. There’s more pounding. I call again, “Hello?” No answer.

So I go in another room whose window overlooks the front porch. I peer out and there’s a woman in hospital scrubs, looking very disoriented (drunk?). She steps off our porch into the yard and stands there staring at the door. Then she steps up and pounds again. Then she walks back to her car which she’s left running on our street.

I go back in the living room. The lady can hear voices outside like the woman’s talking to someone in the car. Then it drives off.

We were a little bothered by that. Who pounds repeatedly on a door at 11.30pm? And doesn’t reply when a low, male voice asks who it is?

Saturday, Todd K and I ponged for the first time since the last time we ponged. Todd’s part Amish and doesn’t believe in air conditioning so it was in the low 90s in his house. The first series was a sweaty three games. I won 2-1 but in my one loss was skunked. Disgraceful. In the next series I won the first game, then Todd skunked me again. We battled fiercely in the third game and he eventually won. With each of us with a series, we played a tie-breaker game. It was sweaty and protracted. Todd won. Despite two of my losses coming as six point skunks, I didn’t feel it was one of those one-sided matches. It’s always best when we each feel like we’ve played well.