Unstoppable, undroppable, uncomprable, ontopable

Princess-Superstar-My-Machine-Album-451830So now, I’m fairly obsessed with Princess Superstar’s forthcoming album, My Machine. Like when I have to go somewhere and I have to turn the album off, it’s difficult. There’s so much to the album that it’ll be a while before I’ve absorbed enough to know what the hell is going on. Like this morning, I said out loud, “Did she just say her vibrator speaks Spanish?” It’s that awesome. And the sound is so good. Not clunky like hip-hop or squeaky or anything, just dense and electronic.

I went to see The Creeping Cruds, The Clutters and Slack the other night. It was incredibly effing loud. Way, way too loud. And I had earplugs in. Thank God. Although it was so loud that I wouldn’t have stayed if I didn’t have the earplugs. Often, I’ll suffer through a loud show, but that was unbelievable.

Apparently, they have a new sound guy and he’s a volume freak. Well, it was bad. And this isn’t old man Todd talking. It was just ridiculously loud.

The Cruds played a pretty flawless set. Like thrash punk with plenty of shredding guitar solos. It was pretty cool. They played a little too long though. The Clutters played well and for a perfect amount of time. I really like watching them play. I love their new record, T&C, so it’s really cool to see them play those songs live. I saw several songs of Slack’s set before I had to call it a night. They seemed good if a little rusty. But they haven’t played much lately. And they suffered from the volume factor. Catch them at the right level, where they’re loud but not insufferably loud and they can really punch out the hits.

Last night, my girlfriend and I watched The Office Christmas Special. I’m completely in love with Lucy Davis. Of course, that page I just linked to spoils the ending so don’t follow the jump if you haven’t seen the show. But really, I’m smitten. As, I imagine, are a lot of viewers of the show. It’s that forehead.

But the special itself wrapped things up in a way that Series 2 didn’t. I was particularly miffed when Series 2 ended with a whimper. The Special managed to tie some ends together in a way that was not overly-sentimental. I will have to purchase the Special since I own the two series and will feel the collection is incomplete without its bookend.

Outside, it’s officially hotter than a whore on nickel night.