You’ ve got a pocket of lovely little tricks you do…

Loads of internet problems at my house have chased me to my parents’ house to get some work done. Had a bizarre weekend. The important thing is this: Todd K and I ponged on Saturday night and he won. He’s been beating me consistently lately and… well, it stings a little bit.

Sunday, I had some web work to get done but I awoke to no connection and a recorded message when I called Comcast saying they were having problems in my area. They never got those problems fixed. Today, I couldn’t log on early morning, but apparently, my connection came back around midday. I was able to get to my email but I didn’t even have time to reply before everything went offline again. I have a service call scheduled for tomorrow.

I called BellSouth to see about hooking up DSL but it’s a total rip-off. Not to mention that their customer service system sucks big donkey wang. The actual people I talked to were nice enough but I called an 800 number for internet service and got a woman who could only give me pricing on DSL–she couldn’t help with phone service. Evidentally, you have to set up a phone line first and then call for internet service 3 days later. I asked her to transfer me to BellSouth’s phone service. She sent me to just some dude. The guy answered his phone and when I asked about phone service, he said, “who are you trying to call?”

So I hung up and looked up the phone number for new service. Then I waited on hold for ten minutes or more. When a rep came on the line, I told her I just wanted prices. She said it would be about $65 / month for phone and DSL and I told her that’s too expensive. Oh, wait, that’s for the Ultra package, she told me. We have cheaper packages. So she goes through all this hoopla about what each package has, what they’ll discount, yada yada. Well, fine but is it cheaper than what I’m paying for cable? No. Okay, thanks.