“A male-boy right?”

Hippy-JusticeOh holy crap. I got a promo copy of the new Scharpling & Wurster release, Hippy Justice, today. It’s the middle of the night; my girlfriend’s asleep and I’m listening to S&W and laughing my ass off. It’s so difficult but I’ve got to be quiet. The track “Kid eBay” is unbelievably crazy.

If you don’t know S&W and you like the funny, you should check them out. Jon Wurster is the drummer from Superchunk. He and Tom Scharpling do comedy bits that are a twist on the crank call idiom. Scharpling always plays a patient, mildly puzzled DJ and Wurster plays an assortment of complete idiots who call in and get involved in bizarre conversations with Scharpling.

“Kid eBay,” though, may take the cake. It takes the craziest turns ever. Ever. Oh man. I’m 20 minutes into it and it keeps getting stranger. Geniuses! Geniuses!

Unfortunately, any description I could give of the bit would ruin the experience of hearing it for the first time. You can listen to clips of other bits here to get an idea of their comedy.

UPDATE: I’m not laughing as insanely, but “Rock N Roll Car Dealership” is hilarious. “Chet” from Gene Simmons Toyota explains Gene’s reasons for getting into the car business–“Rachel Bolan, from Skid Row, opened a Saturn dealership up in Northbridge back in May…”