I blame Henry Rollins

I am not a fan of the fit. When did indie kids start getting buff anyway? Or was it that I was at an all-ages show last night and the crowd was too young to have discovered beer yet?

Todd K was telling me a while ago that one of his music students made the statement that he listened to “indie rock.” Todd K, who’s still in his twenties, made the observation that just a few years ago when he was that guy’s age, there was no definable genre known as “indie rock.” Obviously, people were groping towards it. There was punk and there was “alternative” and there was “post-modern” and “college rock” or whatever. But the term “indie” was meant more literally. It wasn’t a style of music; it was just music not on a major label.

Anyway, “indie rock” is now a genre that everyone’s heard about and so one is considerably more likely to run into unironic sleeveless-shirted douchebags at a rock show than previously. I.E. indie rock is the hair metal of now.

Which is all my introduction to saying: I went to the My Epiphany show last night.

I went to see Cruiserweight because they’re friends with my friends in Feable Weiner.

The first time I saw Cruiserweight, the sound at the venue (RCKTWN) was so bad that I couldn’t stay in the room very long and it definitely worsened their performance. Last night was much better. I really like Stella’s voice. Everything sounded great last night: punchy and loud. I also learned that about their video for “Permanent Things” which is a shot-by-shot parody of Journey’s “Separate Ways” video. It’s hilarious. Maybe the funniest video by an indie band I’ve ever seen.

I walked out when the next band started. A dude with tight jeans and a white belt got up and started the first song with a long scream. It was ridiculous. Look, I know you shouldn’t conform to critics of your style of dress, but when white belts are as universally mocked as they are, you know… maybe you should phase them out.

Later, there was some drama when My Epiphany apparently decided not to play because of some “misunderstanding” about getting paid (evidentally, they weren’t). Geez, hard to figure that bringing a six band line-up to an all ages show on a Monday night wouldn’t make the club their money, huh? I think ME gave in and played, you know, for the kids.

I went next door to the Sherlock Holmes with Ben Harper and the Weiners. While we drank, they played VH1 Classic’s Metal Mania. Check this out: Andrew, the Weiners’ new bass player, did not know who Dokken was. Seriously. I mean, Don Dokken could cuddle with me and I wouldn’t recognize him. Same for George Lynch. I can’t even think of one of their songs. But… but if Lynch brought his tiger-striped guitar, I’d know him. I saw Lynch’s guitar in a video and said, “Hey, it’s Dokken.” And Andrew said, “Who?” I said, “It’s Dokken.” He said, “Who’s Dokken?”

“Dokken? Don Dokken. George Lynch. Dokken. The phrase ‘rockin’ like Dokken.’ That’s them.”

“Who are they?”

Oh. My. God.

I don’t think he knew who Vixen was either.