I got some brand new walking boots…

If I don’t record this today, I probably won’t get another opportunity.

Pong was ponged yesterday. I lost to Todd K. We played two sets and a championship game. I won the first set 2-0. Todd won the next 2-1. Then he won the championship. And like my losses at the beginning of the month, it was frustrating. Incredibly frustrating.

However, Todd’s sister Erin was hanging out and we ponged. This was an historic occassion since Erin and I hadn’t faced each other since this incident. That chick can hold a damn grudge. But the air was cordial yesterday. We probably won’t wait another two years to pong again. I won’t divulge the results of our games but they were close. Well, one was. And neither of us had to resort to the Seasoned Intimidator’s® tricks

I went to see the Carters, The Clutters and Ghostfinger last weekend. Ghostfinger are officially the Greatest Band in America®. The sound in the Basement was leagues better than the Exit/In show a couple of weeks ago when the Clutters played. Every band sounded great and I’m now a huge Ghostfinger fan.

At the show, I asked Dean why he hadn’t called me about Hammerdick practice. He informed me that the band was no longer called Hammerdick. We were now “umlaut.” However, the named isn’t spelled “umlaut,” it’s just the two dots of an umlaut.

I am considering quitting the band.