Mrs. June

Well, I was all set to write a triumphant entry about my ping-pong come-back, but I’ve got a long road ahead of me before I can pen that one.

Last month, Todd K won a majority–like 90%–of the games we played. So he goes in the record books as “Mr. June.” Or maybe not. When I told him he’d won most of the games, he said, “I guess that makes me ‘Mr. June.'” I told him, “If that’s a title you want.” Like “Mr. April,” it seems a bit, um, fey. So, I think he’s going with “Professor June.”

Anyway, we were supposed to begin the competition for Mr. July on the 4th, but Todd cancelled the pong for fireworks. So we set up a match for yesterday. But Todd cancelled the match for some other (probably made-up) reason. Finally, we ponged today.

After an unbelievable opening where he couldn’t get anything by me, I went down in flames. The first game was 21-11 for me. Then I lost the next two. Badly. And unlike my losses in June, these were frustrating. Really, really frustrating.

We may pong again tomorrow.