“This is dedicated…”

I just got in from seeing Girls & Boys and De Novo Dahl at 3rd and Lindsley. I’d never been to the venue before. The sound was fantastic. I’d never seen or heard Girls & Boys before. They were really great. They’re going for a “wall of sound” kind of thing with two drummers and two female singers along with guitar, bass, keys. They’ve really done a great job and, in keeping with my usual criticism, I liked everything but the slow one.

De Novo Dahl started out sort of lackluster. But they picked it up near the end. For whatever reason, they were not wearing any identifiable costumes. Actually, Caldwell and I theorized that they were in costume as frat boys. One of them was actually wearing a sleeveless t-shirt. If that wasn’t a costume, it’s grounds for dismissal from the band.

The whole thing was being broadcast on Lightning 100 as part of a Sunday concert series. So the bands had to be timely. Eight to ten p.m. That was a nice Sunday evening show. If only it hadn’t cost $7.