Bring some fruitcake, bring some fruitcake, la la la la la la la la

Somebody call CSI, ’cause there’s been a pongicide.

Monty and I met again this afternoon for some brutal pong. Series one, 2-0 to me. Series two, 2-0 to me. Series three, 2-0 to me. Then we played a couple of games for fun. I won those also, though they didn’t count toward the day’s competition. That was eight straight victories for me. This is, I’m sure, unprecedented. The worst anyone has previously been beaten was when Eric G beat me a couple of years ago at Christmas. I think I put an end to that destruction after 7 losses in a row. In my defense, I was being unashamedly heckled by his brother and I’d been drinking.

My lead improves to 4-1 in the month. Take that, early summer slump.