Get your grr up

I went down to the Carters big CD release show last night. I’d spent some time Friday redesigning their website in time for the big event. It seemed to be a big success for them. They had some kickass t-shirts and panties at the merch table. I don’t know if they sold any of the panties, but I heard they sold quite a few t-shirts. Plus, they gave away the new CD with the $5 cover.

I got there too late to see Hands Down Eugene, but I caught all of Ole Mossy Face who sounded way better than the last time I’d heard them. They’re a sloppy band at heart, I realize, but it wouldn’t hurt them to get the drums and bass more in sync. With the three guitars and no steady backbeat, it can sound a little soupy.

Apollo Up sounded pretty good even with the earplugs in, but Judas Priest, did they ever play long. At least it felt like it. But I think that’s just the length of their songs. Even with the three opening bands, the Carters were taking the stage around 11.

Once they started playing, my view was obstructed my the people near the stage, but man, was the sound ever good. I couldn’t see the band, but I could hear everything perfectly. That may have been the best sounding show, I’ve ever seen. You could hear every note and still say something to your friends over it without shouting in their ears. You’d never know you were listening to a band whose drummer was vandalized in ping pong a day earlier.

All this plus I’d bought new shoes and jeans yesterday.