How not to keep my attention

One of the hardest things to learn to do as an avid reader is to put a book down. That sense of wondering how it wraps up just looms over you when you shut a book not intending to complete it. But you’ve got to learn to do it. Maybe not habitually. There are plenty of books that are worth the struggle.

I’ve deemed Nick Hornby’s How to be Good unworthy. I’ve had it on my shelf for years. (Ever since I noticed that its title sounded familiar.) And I think I’ve picked it up a few times and read the opening ‘graph only to decide I wasn’t in the mood. Well, over the past few weeks, I’ve been forcing myself to read it. When I’m in that mode, I’ll find anything to occupy my attention rather than the book I’ve chosen. So last night, after getting about 90 pages in and after the story finally, slowly started moving and I could sort of see where it was going, I decided it just wasn’t worth it. You gotta know when to fold ’em after all. And I’m folding.