Mr. July

I am obliged to note that Todd K is Mr. July. We ponged tonight for the first time this month. It was very close. He won the first set 2-1. I won the second set 2-1. And then he just humiliated me in a championship match, like 21-9 or something. He’s going for the title “Mr. Summer 2005.”

Once again, I have decided that I’m off salsa. I simply can’t stop eating it once I start.

After pong, Todd cooked up some hot dogs while we ate said salsa. Then we watched Team America which Todd and Amy had never seen. I gotta say it moves a little slow the second time through. There’s tons of laughs at the beginning and then a huge lapse in the second act. It’s hard to keep giggling. I just kind of give up. But it had to be viewed. Todd and Amy had to see it.

I read a couple of P.G. Wodehouse stories from The Most of P.G. Wodehouse this weekend. I’d read several of his stories before and enjoyed them but not immensely. But Frank talks about Wodehouse all the time and Rolando highly recommended him so I picked up The Most. I’ve really enjoyed the stories so far. Much funnier than any I’d read before. So hard to stop reading them. I’m trying to pace myself.

I’d been slowly reading Nick Hornby’s How to Be Good before the Wodehouse but decided it wasn’t light enough reading yesterday. Maybe I’ll be able to race through it this week so I can jump back into some Wodehouse.

I reviewed a couple of nice CDs for the Rage this week: Sarah Blasko‘s The Overture & The Underscore and Fruit BatsSpelled in Bones. I have been listening to the ‘Bats for a week or more, but Blasko I only picked up Thursday or Friday. The ‘Bats are great, just not always my cup of tea. But Blasko, I was wary of. Once I started listening though, I got hypnotized. I kept repeating a suite of songs in the middle. And just staring at her photo on the cover… it’s enough to make a man develop a little crush. Her voice is just so sexy and the songs are all pretty slow but they wind up around your head. It’s good stuff. I’ll enjoy it a lot on headphones.