Neck and Neck

TK and I ponged pretty furiously this afternoon. The first series went 2-0 to me. Next series went 2-1 to him. I prevailed in the Championship game. It was intense. The competition for Mr. August is now tied at 1-1.

I have moved some items around on the blog and added BlogAds. I’m still not fully happy with the layout of the ads on the page. But a brother’s got to make some money.

This is just awful.

I missed RockStar:INXS both nights this week and honestly have no idea what happened.

I’ve made it to disc 3 of 3rd Rock already. I would slow down but TV sucks too much to watch during the day. Anyway, one of the really annoying things about the DVDs is that there are no chapter marks within the individual episodes. Listen, I love that theme song as much as anybody can but there are just times when I can’t effing take hearing it again. It would be great if there were a chapter mark after the credits for each episode so I could jump ahead on those days when I’ve already watched four or five episodes.