The Home Stretch

With only 7 days left in the month of August, we have entered what we in the ping-pong game call “The Dog Ass Days.” It is this last week of the official summer season that separates the men from the little girls. Or, more precisely, the man from the girl, since there are only two players in our competition.

Todd “Monty” K has taken victory in June and July. His goal of “Mr. Summer 2005” is only days away. But just yesterday, Todd “Tits” A walloped Mr. K in a 3 game set. It was, frankly, devastating. That victory gives Mr. A a 2-1 lead in the race for “Mr. August.”

Will Mr. K prevail and win the summer title? Will Mr. A be able to deny Mr. K a three month winning streak? Will Mr. K be able to stop Mr. A’s new, blinding serve? Will Mr. A’s newly-discovered knee pain cripple his comeback? Who will be shouting “Michael!” in damnable frustration next week?

Tune in and find out.