What brand did Johnny Ramone use?

Incredibly boring guitar-related post to follow.

I’ve been having a basically crappy time finding a brand of strings I like for my acoustic guitar. For the longest time, I was a dedicated D’Addario user, but then I finally got sick of how they ripped up my fingertips. I went hunting for a smaller gauge that would sound good. I briefly used some brand called Silk & Steel (I think by GHS but I’m not sure) and they were terrible. A breeze to play but the tone was wacky. Todd K liked them because they had no bass tone to them, but they played havoc with my ears and I couldn’t hear notes I was singing. I settled on John Pearse strings. Mid-range price. More comfy than D’Addarios, good sound. But I’m breaking D strings like a motherfather. I’m about to re-string the whole bastard. If the D blows soon after this, I’m going to have to start my search again.