Women, you can’t live with ’em and you can’t have heterosexual sex without ’em…

Finally! I’ve been waiting for 3rd Rock from the Sun on DVD for ages. They took it off our late-night re-run schedule a year ago or more and it just about devastated me. I suffered terrible withdrawals and finally got through it by pretending to appreciate Frasier. I picked up my copy of the First Season DVDs on Saturday and I’ve somehow managed to restrain myself to watching only 4 episodes. Well, somehow… I’ve been swamped in work.

3rd Rock may be the funniest show on TV ever. It was just such a brilliant premise for a sitcom. Since they were aliens visiting Earth in human bodies, the show got to dissect human behavior in terms that no sitcom had done before. Suddenly everything was absurd, every utterance was an opportunity for pun or irony. And the cast of aliens did such a great job at capturing the ridiculousness of their situation–puzzled but still smug.

Sample dialogue:
Dick: Nina, do you have a husband?
Nina: No.
Dick: Why not? What are you doing wrong?
Nina: You sound like my mother.
Dick: That must be so confusing for you.

I am no longer a slave to Fear Factor re-runs.