Working Stiff Jamboree 20th Anniversary

For the past 20 years (you heard us, twenty years), the Springwater has played host to perhaps the friendliest open-mic night in town. With no cover and no audition required, the monthly Working Stiff Jamboree is certainly the most democratic open mic. This Saturday the little venue that could is marking the 20th anniversary of the Jamboree.

For this momentous gig, they’re breaking their own rules a little bit—the line-up is invitation only. Gracing the small stage will be some of the semi-famous names who’ve played the Jamboree since its humble beginnings: Rob Stanley (of the Limitations), John Allingham (of the Cherry Blossoms), Ann Tiley, Peggy Snow, Cadillac Holmes, Russ Mason, Billy Sawyer. And in keeping with a recent tradition, Dave Cloud and the Gospel of Power will close the evening with their unique vision of rock ‘n’ roll—something between an old time revival and drunken busking.

The party starts early at 4pm and promises to go on for the next ten or eleven hours. In addition to the camaraderie and cheap beer, the event will be a pot-luck dinner. Gracing the Springwater’s walls will be paintings by Ann Tiley, Peggy Snow and local legend Arthur Orr. More than just a musical event, the evening serves as a celebration of the Springwater’s culture: alternative and accepting, ordinary but weird, down but never out.

[This piece appeared in the Rage.]