You should never have opened that door…

So a couple of weeks ago, when my brother was in town, we were hanging out at my parents’ house and my mother abruptly announced that she’d started reading Being Good. My first reaction was “Please stop reading it.” But she would have none of that. When I gave her and dad a copy of it last December, I told her she couldn’t read it. Or at the very least, dad had to read it first. Dad did. And I think he concurred with my suggestion.

Nonetheless she proceeded to read it and was nicely complimentary of it. I don’t know if she was holding some icky judgement in reserve or that was the extent of her thoughts on it, but I let it lie.

Anyway, right around the same time the book came out, I was reading Chuck Klosterman’s Fargo Rock City and was struck that he explicitly told his parents not to read the book in the foreword. Woah, I thought, what is he going to talk about in this book? Turns out, nothing dramatic. So he smoked a few joints, drank too much and had sex. Big deal. I guess since it was nonfiction, it’s a bigger deal, but I certainly pushed the bounds of what I felt comfortable publishing.

Eh, it turned out all right. I guess that’s the lesson. In any event, I’ll feel a lot more comfortable letting mom read the next one. And I promise I won’t use the word “buttfucking” on page 5.