You’re a real tough cookie with a long history…

I went down to Mercy Lounge’s Everbody’s a Rock Star last night. I have been racking my brain to think of a funnier musical experience. The Blind Draw nights had their moments. Ween on the Pure Guava tour? That first time I saw the acoustic duo of Feable Weiner?

All good moments but lacking in consistency. Everybody’s a Rock Star had consistency from start to the time I left thanks to the incredible band. What also set it apart was how serious the first several performers were. It made me wish for something a little crazy. So as if heeding my telepathic call, Dave Cloud got up and did Thin Lizzy’s “Jailbreak” in plaid pants. It was way better than RockStar:INXS.

But here’s what a vagina sailor I am, the show completely knocked me out today. I didn’t sleep at all and have felt like crap since getting home. I think the increasing volume of the band and the enormous amount of smoke really did a number on me. My no beer after midnight rule is apparently completely useless when I’m around that much smoke. I still feel like ass.

Not to mention I had already had a full day yesterday, what with beating the pants off Todd K 2-0, 2-1 in pong to strengthen my lead in August to 3-1.