“Ass-commanding funk”

The K and I ponged yesterday and it was sweaty. Really sweaty. Todd won the first game. Then I won the next two for the series. Then I won the next one, giving me three games in a row. Then K turned it on and destroyed me for the next four games, giving him the next two series. That gave K the win for the day, tying us in the lame quest for “Mr. September.” We don’t know if we’ll be able to compete again before October, so there may be a “championship” match on Saturday, the 1st.

Got a couple of records from Astralwerks the other day. The new Audio Bullys and The Juan Maclean, with whom I’m unacquainted. The sticker on The Juan Maclean promised they were “ass-commanding funk” but I haven’t listened enough to be sure.