Doris Day could never make me cheer up quite the way those French girls always could…

Today was the first day it’s really felt like autumn. 70 degrees. Sunshine. Breeze. Absolutely gorgeous. I’ve been blaring the Divine Comedy‘s Casanova. It’s such a perfect record for those fall afternoons when you feel a bit… oh, I don’t know… I would say “wistful” but that sounds too fancified so maybe I’ll just say “full of yearning or desire tinged with melancholy” or “musingly sad.” Anyway, Divine Comedy is great for that feeling. My version of Casanova came with a bonus CD with some older tracks so I’ve been rotating them heavily– “Tonight We Fly,” “When the Lights Go Out All Over Europe” and a live version of “Johnny Mathis’s Feet” by American Music Club.

Then I got home and plugged in Turbonegro’s Apocalypse Dudes and that felt almost as good.

I had a full schedule today but I didn’t really get much work done. It was a day of prepping work to get done later. Like tomorrow. Obviously, I re-did this site. I hope it’s nicely readable. That’s always my main concern with sites. My last layout was simple and easy to read but I felt like it lacked some crucial info.

Then there’s the NashvilleZine issue. Nothing’s getting written up. The comments are fun for the five people who seem to participate in them. Traffic isn’t slowing down but I think it’s time to shake things up a bit. It’s not that interesting to read, frankly. I’ve just been so busy that I haven’t been able to add items and seemingly everyone else is too. Anyway, if I have a break between the paying jobs, I’ll work on it. Til then, it’s sucking.

Also, I think I’m having a feud with Girls & Boys because of what I said here about them not needing another singer and instrumentalist. I think this is because one faction of the band who agreed with my sentiment may have presented my opinion to the other faction as though I supported the first faction’s opinion when in fact I had formed said opinion before I knew of faction one’s shared opinion. Make sense? In any case, you don’t drag a “journalist” (however loose the quotations marks) into a band squabble unless you want to lose the argument. I don’t know how to remove myself from the feud without saying “I think they should keep looking for a third girl” and frankly, I really don’t believe that. Although it sounds like a great plot for an American Pie sequel.

This demonstrates one of the hazards of running a blog that sometimes covers my opinion of local music while simultaneously interacting with local musicians socially. It’s funny because we wrestle (at least I do) with this problem at NashvilleZine: where’s the line between support and good criticism? I mean sometimes I think a band really sucks and I won’t mention their name because I know I’ll run into them. But on the other hand, doesn’t the news that they suck need to get out there?

Anyway, I still think G&B’s three songs are delicious and I wish they’d record more soon. “Big Ben” has grown on me considerably since seeing them perform it last. I look forward to watching them play again soon, provided none of the septet wants to rumble with me.