I keep a level head and stay down to earf…

Last night, we had a largish James Bond evening. We played Goldeneye on the N64, watched Dr. No and then played more Goldeneye. I think Goldeneye must be reserved for after the movie and after some alcohol. The smack-talking goes down better. Talking about how you’re going to kick someone’s ass is not the greatest ice-breaker–party-wise.

Anyway, I was kind of surprised to re-learn that From Russia With Love was actually the second Bond movie. Not Goldfinger. And I think we were all a little shocked that Sean Connery was 32 when he started as Bond. A very manly 32.

I just finished reading Live and Let Die and enjoyed it all the way through. It’s definitely not as moody as Casino Royale. Much more action in LALD. No long, dragged out third act. But, as if it needed to be said, completely different from the movie by the same name. I’ve never understood why they did that. It’s as if the movie makers deemed Fleming’s novels unworthy of cinematic interpretation but they were happy to use his characters.

Anyway, Moonraker is next on my reading list. I’ve already pulled it off the shelf.