I run ’em off like Sasquatch…

Where to begin? Well, I’m almost over whatever sickness I’d been under for the past four days. It’s now just a weak cough in the back of my throat. But still enough to keep me away from the Pernice Brothers at Mercy tonight. I’ve been told that this makes me a big, hairy pussy. As if that were news.

I totally got wrapped up in Live and Let Die the other night. It got way exciting all of a sudden and hasn’t slowed down. I’ve had to force myself to stop reading. I was thinking maybe I could sit down and finish the novel tonight but I got caught up writing other stuff.

The Fuzz and I are planning a James Bond evening Friday. Nofriendo 64 Goldeneye and a Connery movie or two. I suggested tuxedos and martinis, but that’s apparently not in the budget.

I wrote a preview of Matisyahu’s Nashville show for the Rage today. He’s the purveyor of the Hasidic Reggae that I mentioned a couple of days ago. And, as interesting as it was at the get-go, it really got on my tits. I was forcing myself to listen to it for the write-up; I don’t recommend it. It was one of those write ups where I had to try very hard to say, “if you like this kind of thing, here’s what it’s like.” The religious aspect of it, I could probably get over. But the hippie vibe just wears me out.

Um, other news? I just discovered I was listed under “Tequila Shots” over at the Vodkapundit. I think that kicks some ass. Previously, if I recall, Popshot was listed under Microbrews and that always kind of irked me. Though I enjoy the occasional microbrew.