I will be at the bar with my head on the bar…

You know those times when you skip your usual routine one day and then the next and then like four days later, you realize you’ve almost completely reversed yourself. Here it is 10pm on a Thursday night and I just finished my ironing–a task I usually do Sunday to anticipate the work week. My whole world has been flipped upside down for a week or more by now and I’m slowly righting parts of it.

I have got a lot of organizing to do in my office. Whenever I make a little progress on it, I realize how much more there is to do. I really need a little organizing fairy to just stow everything where I can find it. Because my system of piling things in different piles until they collapse, is, frankly, not working out so well.

I am cleaning out and closing my storage space. I grabbed a couple of boxes of books tonight. Finally, I found my copy of Camille Paglia’s Vamps and Tramps that I’ve been looking for. There’s a couple of shelves in the space, but other than that, it’s just a dozen boxes packed bottom to top with magazines. It’s ridiculous. I almost started moving them tonight and then thought, no, I’m going to come back with garbage bags (or boxes or something) so I can just dump the totally pointless into the dumpster on site. No point in bringing all that home to sort through.

So I’ve been listening to the mix the Lake Fever guys gave me last week and the Feable Weiner songs are really growing on me. They’re in L.A. right now making a record with Matt Mahaffey and I’m pretty excited to hear it.

I talked to Ben Slack tonight. He said Slack hopes to be done with recording their new record this weekend. Slack and FW play a show in October where they’re each playing their entire new albums. That should be pretty great.

All right. Time to climb in bed with James Bond. I’m determined to finish Live and Let Die tonight.