A quick one while he’s away…

I feel like I’ve been running all over town today but I haven’t really done that much. Picked up some info from the Rage earlier, got a hair cut and I’m headed back down to the Rage in a few for a photograph session with Harper. That should be pretty cool.

Got the Misty Mundae Euro-Vixen Collection from Seduction Cinema in the mail yesterday. It’s got four movies on three DVDs: Vampire Vixens, Satan’s School of Lust, Mummy Raider and Roxanna. As tawdry as my tastes are, I only dally in the exploitation films. I’ll have to pass it along to Ben Slack, the Misty Mundae expert.

I’ve got a pile of stuff to review and a couple of funny stories to tell if I can get to them with all the professional writing I’ve got to do this weekend. Also, it’s the first really cool day outside and kinda overcast and drizzly. This makes me too lazy even to sit in front of the computer.

I went to the Slack / Feable Weiner show last night. Both bands played most of their new albums that they’ve recorded in L.A. And both bands’ new material sounds great. Slack’s new songs improve on their big heavy riffs with some cool twists and really cool bass lines. Feable Weiner’s new stuff is more power pop than before. They’ve still got some punk tempos but the melodies and hooks aren’t as pop-punk as they used to be. It’s cool. I like ’em all. I’m eager to hear the studio recordings.