Hey Daddy-O, I don’t wanna go up to the attic…

Several years ago, a friend moved into a new apartment that was a little run-down I guess. He told us that he had a basement and Rolando told him to make sure to check for C.H.U.D.. You know, Cannibalistic Humanoid Underground Dwellers?

The first friend told Rolando that he had an attic too so he guessed he’d better check for C.H.A.D.

Yeh. It’s quite funny.

Until you wake up at five in the morning to the sound of the C.H.A.D. chewing through the attic stairs.

As I did yesterday.

So, I’ve been waking up to the sound of something scampering around upstairs for a week or so. But I just assumed it was a squirrel and possibly it was on the roof (though I was lying to myself). Yesterday, however, I awoke to a sawing sound right over my attic stairs. So I got the Swiffer (because it was right next to me) and pounded the attic stair door. The sound stopped. And started again. I pounded again and turned on the light, thinking that would send whatever it was scampering off. But it didn’t seem to move. Though it stopped making noise.

Something tells me, though, that I should probably inform the landlord.