My childhood obsession, it’s my record collection…

Name that lyrical reference, you light-weights!

So, about two weeks ago after a weekend filled with writing which required staring at the computer screen until early in the morning, I got some real nasty headaches. I’d had them before. You know, the kind that feel like a bolt of lightning just stabbed into your brain? Maybe you don’t. Anyway, I think they’re what people call “ice pick headaches.” Fun-sounding, huh?

So a couple of days later, they hadn’t gone away. I stopped getting the ice-pick headaches but I was still having a headache every day and almost all day. I took an antihistamine which just knocked me out. So guessing that it was a sinus thing caused by allergies, I took some decongestant. Seemed to help. But I was still getting low-grade headaches every day. Yuck.

Over this weekend, the decongestant and Advil seemed to stop working. So, naturally, I lay awake in bed last night wondering if I had encephalitis or perhaps a tumor. Although the funny Austrian-accented voice in my head told me “It’s not a tumor,” I couldn’t help but wonder why I’d had a headache for so long.

So this morning, I called my doctor. I went in and went through the standard barrage of questions. I agreed with the Nurse Practitioner: yes, it was probably allergies/sinus-related, maybe an infection, but it still didn’t sound right. So she sent me down the road to get a CAT scan.

I was pleased that a modern CT scan (at least for your head) is just a matter of lying on a very thin table for five minutes while a big sci-fi donut moves over you and not the dreadful metal coffin that we used to hear about. Although, I didn’t get to say to the attendant, “What is this? Some kind of tube?

They told me nothing and sent me on my way. I called the Doc to ask if I should get the prescriptions filled to fight what might be a sinus infection or wait the two days to hear from the radiologist. She called the radiologist and called back to say I didn’t have a stroke. Thankfully. And it probably was just a sinus infection. So get the prescriptions filled.

One of the meds is one of those steroid dose packs. That guarantees I will get no sleep.

Anyway, as you can see from the post immediately preceding this one, The City Paper published my review of the new Martina McBride record. I was actually unaware that it ran. Interestingly, I didn’t recognize the Johnny Cash song she does on the record, “I Still Miss Someone,” but when I was re-organizing my vinyl collection the other night, I found a 45 of it. I bought a few JC 45s a while ago. I knew I had “Boy Named Sue” and “Don’t Take Your Guns to Town” but I didn’t realize I had “Still Miss Someone.” Weird.