My heart was crammed in my cranium and it still knows how to pound…

Spent yesterday away from the computer and largely in the dark trying to quell another massive headache. Today, I’m feeling a bit better but I’ve had to plug in just to get some work done. I’m hoping several hours of computer exposure don’t bring the headache back even worse. I’m about to sign off for the day but I wanted to blog a bit.

In the Creeping Cruds piece below, be sure to click on the Rage link to see one of the awesome photos I talked about here.

Music? I’ve been listening to dios (malos) for the past couple of days for a piece for the Rage. There’s flashes I like, but I’m not into the record on the whole.

There’s some amusing commenting going on over here about what the Zine meant by “The Privates? Seriously?”

Listened to A.R.E. WeaponsFree in the Streets a whole bunch the other day. Reminds me a lot of Six Finger Satellite, Girls Against Boys and Brainiac. But with more mulletude. I kept repeating “Reggie” and “Brand New Walking Blues.”

Playing De La Soul’s Art Official Intelligence: Mosaic Thump right now. I wasn’t that into it when it came out, but I really appreciate it now.

That’s all for now.