Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh…

Saw the new Jetpack lineup last night with Brian “The Fuzz” on drums and Double D on bass. It was a rocking show. Even given my prejudice against slow songs. They broke out a few ballads but Sean knows how to write a good song and he keeps the slower ones short.

Some band called Arkitekt opened. They perfectly demonstrate the problem with Bang Bang Bang. Arkitekt are a really talented band that clearly reflect the sum of their influences, not just a choice to make music according to one style. I still didn’t like them. But I didn’t think they sucked. I guess that’s the danger with choosing a particular style for your band–choose one that audience members dislike and they’ll walk away.

Sam Ashworth headlined. I watched a song and left. As I walked out, someone (I think Joe) shouted to me from the deck that he wouldn’t tell that I was leaving during Sam Ashworth. I told him he could go ahead. I mean after all, I’m telling you now. Big deal. I left during Sam Ashworth. I’m not a fan. Although his bass player kicked some ass.