Sure, but she’s a real fake…

The headaches continue. Last night I tried an antihistamine. That plastered me for exactly 3 hours. Tonight I’m trying a decongestant and skipping the Metric show. Dammit. I love the rock n roll but I can’t sacrifice a weekend to feeling sick just to see a show. I was planning on taking the weekend off work and that would lose all meaning if I were to spend the next three days in bed because I went to a show on Thursday and got myself sicker.

Anyway, sick or not, I got my ass served to me in pong this afternoon. I won the first series 2-0. K won the next 2-0. Then he won the tiebreaker. So the hunt for Mr. October is tied 1 all.

I got the new Metric album today and K and I listened to it while we ponged. Good gravy, do they have some long songs. Less keyboardy than the first record. Other than those impressions, I didn’t absorb much. I’ll be listening more soon.

Oh yeh, so I have this friend who’s terrified of spiders. Whenever she puts on her shoes, she turns them over and taps them to get any spiders that may have crawled inside to fall out. Of course, I think this is ridiculous. But today, I look down at some old Converse and a huge spider has made a little web in the heel and is just perched there. So I kick the side of the shoe. And he runs into the toe.

So I pick the shoe up and bang it. No spider comes out. I shake. I throw. I bang. That spider does not budge. So I just step on the toe of the shoe and figure I won’t wear them again.

But the lesson is: tapping a shoe doesn’t get the spiders out. OooooOOOoooooOOOooo! (Spooky ghost noise)