There’s a word in Spanish, Italian and German…

So much to sum up and so big a headache.

Pong: Todd A emerges with the first win of October. Two skunks against the K man in an otherwise challenging run to victory.

Martina: Got the review in. Actually really like the album. A lot. Country classics, man. They never go out of style.

Still haven’t folded the laundry. Crap.

Lil’ Smell returned from England last night. She got me a copy of Hey Ho Let’s Go: The Story of the Ramones which I will dive into as soon as possible and which will guarantee that I’ll go on a Ramones binge.

Listened to Hippy Justice again the other night. Laughed my ass off.

Been listening to Elvis Costello’s Imperial Bedroom in the car non-stop. It was never an album that I got into during my whole I’m-going-to-buy-everything-Elvis-Costello-recorded-on-vinyl period, but now I am way into it. I keep picking out new favorite songs that I repeat for the duration of car journeys. Over the weekend, it was “…and In Every Home.” Today, it’s been “Little Fool.”

Oddly, in the sort of high-brow/low-brow dichotomy that defines my tastes, I was listening obsessively to Nerf Herder’s How To Meet Girls in the house this weekend. I get sick of some of the songs pretty quick, but I’ll still skip around and repeat others. Like “She’s A Sleestak.” That one never gets old.

Well, not until you load the CD player up with a half a dozen De La Soul CDs and hit “random.” Which I did yesterday.