You gotta learn how to disappear in a silk and amphetamine…

I went down to the Velcro Stars/Ocelots/Clutters show Friday night. I can’t think of a better review of the V. Stars than what one of my friends said. He’d been walking around the club during their set–to the front of the club, to the back, over to the bar. Finally, he came over to us and said, “No matter where I stand, they’re still playing.”


The Clutters had a rough night. Doug broke two strings during one song and couldn’t finish it. He grabbed a Telecaster that The 5 Spot had on the wall. The sound was a bit thinner and a couple of songs later, he broke a string on the Tele. Other than the broken strings, they kicked it. They had Andy of the Carters sitting in on bass.

I went outside during the Ocelots set.

Saturday, I went to the K’s and got my ass handed to me in ping-pong. Though it was Oct 1, we were playing for the title of Mr. September. And it ain’t me.

I finished Paul Feig’s Superstud last week. Review coming soon. I started reading Chelsea Handler’s My Horizontal Life. It’s safe to say, Chelsea has taken a different route in her sex life than Paul.

I’ve been listening to Turbonegro’s Apocalypse Dudes whenever I’m sitting at my desk. It’s so much better than whatever I’d heard from them before.