American Princes

AMERICAN PRINCES "Little Spaces"“Two parts New York and two parts Arkansas” describes both the composition of American Princes and their sound. Matt Quin and David Slade left New York City for Little Rock, Arkansas (where Slade had once lived) in search of cheap practice space and an escape from the NYC scene. After a show at Collins Kilgore’s house, the band asked him to join. Another Arkansas local, Luke Hunsicker, eventually joined up as well.

American Princes music sounds much like the geographical mash-up of their backgrounds. “In the Dark,” a song from their second LP Little Spaces, sounds like a pissed-off, alt-country Replacements. The album’s highlight, “Providence, R.I.,” is an abused, urban hymn that’s as ragged and compact as classic country.

The band has just completed their third album and delivered it to their new label, Chapel Hill-based Yep Roc Records. The addition of bassist Hunsicker has expanded their sound. Kilgore tells All the Rage that the new record has some “Rolling Stones-style disco‿ on it in addition to their raw rock ‘n’ roll.

American Princes head out to support Lucero during December. “Lucero’s one of our favorite bands and we’re definitely excited about touring with them,‿ Kilgore adds. The tour kicks off with their December 1st gig at the Mercy Lounge.

[This piece appears in All the Rage.]