I’ve gotta elaborate on the Idaho story that Doug told. Specifically, how the Carters got involved.

The Carter Administration was making a record at a friend’s home studio. When we were chilling out upstairs in the living room we would always notice a framed picture of this dude in a tuxedo. It was a crazy, gaudy, ornate frame. But what really made the presentation complete was the dude. He was dressed in a tuxedo, had just enough of a ‘fro on, and had a fantastically confident smile.

When we asked our host about it he told us that his recording partner dated a girl who worked in a frame store. This guy named Idaho who drove a camoflaged Cadillac came in one day with this picture of himself in the tux and wanted it framed. I guess he went through the whole routine of picking out a nice frame for it and he left. And never picked up the framed picture. He would call the store from time to time and ask whoever was working there if they had his picture. They’d answer that they did and he’d ask, “Do I still look good?” And they’d say yes.

Eventually, one Christmas, the store owners gave the photo, frame and all, to our friend Sam because he thought it was so funny when he visited his girlfriend at the store. And he gave it to Dean at whose house we saw it. We thought the whole thing was so funny that we borrowed the photo, broke into the frame and scanned the photo in for album art.

As a bonus trivia fact, the Carter song “Kinder, Gentler M*therfucker” was labelled as “One Smooth Bastard” on some copies of the CD. That title was a reference to Idaho.