If you a fat chick getting your fuck on tonight then go oooh oooh oooh…

God, Redman is such a genius.

I’m about to stack the aforementioned mp3 player with some old school Kurtis Blow, De La, and the Kings of Rock, Run DMC.

I submitted my piece on Nashville Star to All the Rage last week way over word count. But they liked it and are running it this week with only a few changes. It’s not often that I get to let loose with my professional writing, so it felt good to do something that off-the-wall and have them like it. I hope it leads to more assignments like that. I hope the contestants with whom I spoke like the piece. One of them, when he found out I wrote for the Rage, said, “oh no, you’re not going to make fun of us are you?”

Er… no? I didn’t actually.

So, I had been planning to use the quote above as the title of my next blog post since the weekend, but then this morning I noticed I’d been added to the NashvilleIsTalking blog aggregator that displays my titles and an excerpt of the post on their home page. Already today I’ve used “boobies” and “fuck” in post titles. I’m wondering if the powers that be will put up with that for long. My parents have to be so proud.

I’ll close this post with this thought: Christ, Kurtis Blow had some long songs. “8 Million Stories” is five seconds short of 8 minutes. “Christmas Rappin'” tops 8 minutes. At least they keep dropping the funk the whole time.