It’s still so hard to believe…

K and I ponged yesterday. He won. It was, if I may say so, pathetic. Lil Smell has challenged us to a pong tourney next weekend. She will regret it.

Saw Ole Mossy Face, Nutria and Harper at the Basement on Friday. Ole Mossy Face rocked solidly. Sounded great too. Nutria… eh. They are straight out of 90s alterna-rock. Some good songs, but just.. meh. Harper rocked pretty solidly too despite some guitar problems.

Last night, I played some Uno. Uno es bueno.

Watched most of the Titans game today. Watched most of the second half of the UT game yesterday. Both terribly annoying. I’m not a super football fan, but I’d be much more of one if I had a winning team to watch.

I am procrastinating on doing my laundry and cleaning the dishes. Ugh.