Spent the day at… wait for it… Nashville Star auditions at the Wild Horse Saloon. I’m writing a story on it for All the Rage. Today was the cattle call. Tomorrow, they have call-backs. It took about two hours just for me to catch my breath today. They churn those contestants through. 30 seconds each. And maybe out of each 100 contestants, 2 or 3 get called back.

I will have to wait til tomorrow to get a better idea of what kind of story I’m going to write for the Rage. After I know, I can fill in the other details here. It was a wild day and I am tired. I think I’m going to stay in tonight, finally wash all the dishes, put the heating pad on my back and get some blessed sleep.

Also, I got a yo-yo at Target.

And the new Madonna record. Haven’t listened yet. When I returned to the house this afternoon, I had to finish my piece on American Princes.