Nashville I Stalk in G

Brittney over at the WKRN blog caught a Big & Rich performance on TV the other night and was not impressed. It’s funny because the day I read her post about it, I’d just been thinking of how terrible I think that group is. There’s a commercial for them that I’ve seen a few times where they show a quote about them being the most exciting thing to come out of country music… something something. And I just don’t get it. They’re absolutely horrible.

Are they secretly trying to destroy country music? Because they’re making everyone in Nashville look like idiots. They are the cartoonish stereotype of country music that previously didn’t exist but everyone outside of the South assumed was the norm.

Anyway, I did come up with a new catch phrase that everyone should start using: “That sucks Big & Rich.”

It can only be used with the verb “suck” as a substitute for “long and hard.” I don’t want people to go around using “big and rich” with any phrase. Just “suck.” Because they do.

(Also Brittney mentioned my novel. Thanks, Brittney.)