Reese’s pieces

With a lot of talk about Reese Witherspoon’s work in Walk the Line, I guess it’s a good time to share my Reese story. I mean to write about it every time someone drags out that tired old Kevin Smith story. If you haven’t read Smith’s tirade, it boils down to Reese dissing Smith and Smith wanting to egg her house. One amusing section goes:

Secondly, she compares her Stephen Dorff-starring flick S.F.W. to Clerks, calling them “…the same movie, essentially.” If you’re me, and you’ve seen S.F.W., this is tantamount to saying Clerks licks balls.

Clerks does lick balls, Kev.

Anyway, obviously I have no idea how Reese is these days, but she went to high school at my school’s “sister school.” I was in a play at her high school (since they had no dudes of their own) with my brother. Reese was working on the play as some sort of assistant director or something. She wasn’t super-famous yet, but we all knew her. Man in the Moon and probably A Far Off Place had come out and so, you know, as far as we were concerned she was a movie star. But it was still no real big deal. It was a crappy high school play.

However, to one of our friends who was not in the play, it was a large deal. He begged Eric and me to take him to rehearsal one night and introduce him to Reese. We just thought this was kind of silly. I mean, what was going to happen? “Hey Reese, this is Nate.” “Great. See you later.” We were pretty jaded about the whole thing.

Nonetheless, we brought him along thinking we probably wouldn’t even get a chance to introduce him to her. Well, we walk in the theatre and as we’re walking down the aisle towards the stage, Reese comes walking up the aisle towards us. We stop and say, “Hi Reese, this is our friend Nate.” And Reese smiles and looks up and says, “Hi, I’m Reese” and pours some Reese’s Pieces into his hand.

How cool is that?