So, I bought a SanDisk Sansa 1GB mp3 player last week. They were onsale at Best Buy for $80. I’m very pleased with it. I’d been pondering an iPod purchase for weeks but 1) just couldn’t afford to drop the dough and 2) hate having to deal with Apple. Also, I don’t like being a joiner. I’ll get an iPod when they’re totally uncool. I wasn’t expecting much from the Sansa, just something that I could take when I traveled over Thanksgiving, but I’m really happy.

I couldn’t get an mp3 player large enough to hold all my CDs nor would I want to spend the time transferring them all to my harddrive. The beauty of the Sansa is that it works like an external harddrive. I just connect it via USB and copy over the mp3s I want. And it runs on an AAA battery, so there’s no charging. I’ve had the same battery in it for 8 days. The sound quality isn’t the greatest but I don’t care. That’s why I have a nice stereo at home.

It’s small and light enough to drop in my pocket and not feel weighted down. Plus, I can bang the little bastard around and not worry about damaging an expensive piece of equipment.