Streetlight people

Seeing how it’s almost the weekend, I figured I needed to recap last weekend even though it was largely uneventful.

Friday, I was “dragged” to a Halloween party.

There was a time when I could show up at a Halloween party and sneer at everyone who actually dressed up, but I’m neither young nor snotty enough to do that anymore. I just kind of stood around feeling shabbily-dressed even though I was one of maybe three people who didn’t look completely ridiculous.

Saturday, I skipped the Carter Admin show. Apparently it was a hell of an evening.

I got copies of the new Sara Evans record, Real Fine Place, and the King of Queens Season 4. I have a large post or ten coming on modern country music. I’ve always liked Sara Evans. I’ll have to recap the album later. As far as the King of Queens goes, there was a season for me when Carrie went from being really annoying to being really hot. I took a stab and picked Season 4. And I was correct. In fact, I traced it to a specific episode.

Sunday, I hung out with Bobby Jimmy and Angel and her sister. They fed me delicious pot roast and cake with jimmies in it. Bobby J told us at one point that apparently Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing” was making a comeback on the pop charts because it played in an episode of the O.C. or something. Angel’s sister said “Yeh, it is. We were rocking out to it the other day.” Then she paused and said, “No, it wasn’t ‘Don’t Stop Believing.’ It was ‘Streetlight People’.”

I know it’s not much of a punch line but if you’ll sing the chorus of “Don’t Stop Believing,” you’ll figure out what I thought was so funny about that exchange.

Anyway, I decided that I needed to form a Journey/Boston/REO cover band and call it “Streetlight People.”

Monday, I went down to the Shout Out Louds show at the Exit/In. I could describe the experience, but I just found the blog Out the Other and its author does a much more thorough job than I would. I was halfway miserable at the show with a headache. But the Shout Out Louds are among my recent favorites.

Wrote up LCD Soundsystem for the Rage. The album really grew on me. It’s like a live band playing Daft Punk songs. Some of the tracks are a little annoying, but most of it is great. I may try to make their show this month.