You’re the kind of guy that girl ignored. I’m driving a Caddy you fixin a Ford.

I’ve been looking for something to give me a real kick up the ass lately and today, I found it in the Run DMC classic “Rock Box.” My God, that tune rules. I cranked it so loud in my car and listened over and over.

I know it’s partly because I’m reading the Ramones biog and partly because I’m just naturally biased, but there is such a connection between the Ramones and Run DMC. (I first made that connection in a piece I wrote after Jam Master Jay’s death. But I’m even more convinced now.) I’m so happy I was an early fan of Run DMC’s. There was a sense when you heard their music back in the day that you were listening to something futuristic. Now it sounds dated. But it’s the same with the Ramones. You put on the first album and it doesn’t sound so special. But you consider it was made around the same time as Foreigner’s “Cold as Ice” or Fleetwood Mac’s Rumours and it will blow your mind. Same with Run and D. Listen to “Rock Box” after Hall & Oates “Maneater” and you can’t believe they were released the same year.

Even today, when I came across “Rock Box,” I thought that. It’s so stripped down and so perfect. I replayed it all day long. It’s Run DMC’s “Blitzkrieg Bop.”

I know, that was a hell of a tangent. So anyway…

Tonight, I went to see SOUND Team and it was incredible. They are like what I wish the Walkmen could be. And the mp3s on their site do not do them justice. They were way better than what I’d heard. It was non-stop pumping rhythms on the drums and just washes of guitars and keyboards over top. Like if you could bop your head to Ride. It was awesome. And it was in the Basement so it was nice and cozy.